"To find our way, we must have a place where the search is in process.
In order to search we must have a place to start."

Kung Fu style: San Soo

San Soo is a fighting art combining the fighting techniques of five families (Tsoi-Ga, Li-Ga, Fut-Ga, Hung-Ga, and Ho-Ga). San soo is based on non-structured combinations of strikes, blocks, punches, and kicks to vital points of the human body as well as joint lock and holds (known as Chin Na - the skill of seizing and controlling your opponent).

T'ai Chi Ch'uan

T'ai Chi is a series of slow, fluid, circular and deliberate movements that initiate from ones center of balance, "Dan Tien," and extend and express itself to the furthest points of the body.

Students will learn self-defense starting with their first day of class. However, through their training, students will learn skills that will become a part of who they are, and that will last a lifetime.
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